The Making of a Pen

Each and every pen we make starts out by being elegantly cut by our expert craftsman
from naturally shed antlers and horns. Pieces that are not up to our high standards are
either discarded or wholesaled out for use in other purposes.

All Wooden pens are made from choice sections of Hardwood each piece is carefully
cut to insure durability and fine grain with both pieces usually cut from the same
section of the wood to insure color and grain compatibility.All Pens By Bruno products
are of the highest quality materials.

When ever possible, Pens By Bruno utilizes naturally shed antlers however, Pens By Bruno
also purchases antlers from taxidermists and many other sources.
In short we do what ever it takes to provide our customers with the finest products available
(in compliance with federal, state and local laws).

*Pens by Bruno can also make these pens out of Antler provided by the customer
for a uniquely personal gift.

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