Olive Tree
Mediterranean olive wood is heavy, dense and durable, with a distinctive red pigment in its grain. Colors also range in nuances of cream to dark brown, with irregular gray, brown, and black lines. The complex and irregular veins give the carved wood
the appearance of marble.

Americana Style Olive Wood Pens
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Americana Style Olive Wood Pen

American Style Olive Wood Pen with a Standard Clip

European Style Olive Wood Pens
Olive Pans
The artistically smooth and exotic grain of the olive wood, tags it as the most creative wood known to man. It is very difficult to match the grain of two pieces since the pattern is completely hidden in the heart of the wood.
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European Style Olive Wood Pen

European Style Olive Wood Pen with a Standard Clip
Sierra Style Olive Wood Pens

All Olive wood pens are made from olive wood imported from Israel.
These olive Croves have been there for thousends of years and are the same Croves mentioned in the Bible.

Olive Tree
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Sierra Style Olive Wood Pen

Sierra Style Olive Wood Pen with a Standard Clip

  Pens shown are for illustration only and are indicative of style and material used.
As with all natural material exact color and texture may vary from pen to pen.

Every effort is taken to utilize the exterior of the antler or horn so as to provide the most natural appearance.

No two pens will ever be alike.
No two pens could ever be alike.

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